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On Top positions.


Selection of photos showing on top positions using a block & tackle.
Stockings essential for ease of movement on sheets / cover.
Pull cord to raise and lower. Slide her forward or back.
Helps if her hip joints are loose ish.
Keep lube handy by your side for replenishment and towels to wipe hands so you can move her head, arms and whatever without getting sticky all over her.
Experiment with positions and what to do with your hands (and hers), there are too many variations to list.
See for live demonstrations.

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Exhortation of OnTop.


A series of photos Exhorting the OnTop Position for Lovemaking with Nony and Tash.
A couple of photos still have the support left in for illustration purposes. With experience it can be removed 'during' and hooked up again for lifting her and sliding out after.
for real live demonstration (12 minute video).
The brief file titles are self explanatory with the photo but only tell half the story.
It should go without saying I am taller than Tash so take my word for it - all the bits fit.

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