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Mistaken identity


I thought this album title would be fitting considering how Alexandra (Sandy) came to be in my care.
Sandy is a BT3 with tanned skin, breast enhancements, and gel implanted buttocks. She is a beautiful sculpture of absolute femininity. Unfortunately, she is not mine. This doll was the allegedly first ever, in the history of the company, doll to be given the wrong shipping label. The secretary BT2 doll that I ordered went to the person who ordered this BT3. I feel deep sympathy for this person who, like me, must have been counting the days with giddy excitement in anticipation of the arrival of this top of the line specimen. I hope this person eventually received what they wanted.

So now I have a top of the line BT3 with all the trimmings. But alas, I find it difficult to relate/bond to her as she is not "mine", so to speak.

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You wanted more


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BT3 Harmony


Freshly powdered with Harmony head

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