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The Doll Harem - Rules Of Conduct

1. promotes Doll Erotica. Photos of humans with dolls are allowed as long as the human's genitalia does not show. Only artificial representation of human genitalia are allowed. Photos that can be considered violent are prohibited. No photos of any dolls that may be perceived as under 18 regardless of manufacturer's stated age are allowed.
  • Discussions about, pictures of, or sexually oriented content involving, children (or dolls appearing to be) under the age of 18 years is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. Because this website is based on sex dolls, photos of any dolls that may be perceived as under the age of 18 years whether clothed or not are considered in bad taste and will not be allowed.
  • Links to pictures and videos that show human's genitalia, are only allowed behind an 'URL mature' warning sign. Links to pictures and videos showing obscene or extreme hardcore are not allowed, this includes, but is not limited to, bestiality, extreme bdsm and violence. Links to anything illegal are strictly forbidden.
  • Note: Owing to the fact that this is a subjective rather than objective issue, members will not be penalized in borderline cases nor for any previously posted photos that may now be deemed in violation of this rule.

2. Stay legal! If the law doesn't allow it, we don't either! Use common sense and be courteous. Make our community a pleasant place for everyone.

3. No demeaning or derogatory statements targeting members, management, or the forum in general in any sections including chat and in PMs targeted at members.
**, *** for severe violations
  1. Posts with an obvious intention of insulting or hurting the feelings of any member or forum management, are not allowed. Common sense and courtesy apply. i.e. If you want to post a negative review or comment about a doll do not do so in the announcement thread of a member who just received that doll. If you want to promote a manufacturer/vendor do so in the Dolls In General or in that manufacturer/vendor's forum and not in a competing manufacturer/vendor's forum. Try to keep your comments 'objective' rather than 'subjective' when posting critique. If you do not like the looks of something, be polite - don't be rude. Simply say it does not appeal to you.
  2. No demeaning or derogatory posts regarding race, gender, sexual preference, politics, religion or country of origin. Also, no postings or signature lines involving party or governmental politics, religion, or pedophilia. Again, common sense applies. We are here to discuss dolls and share common interests related to them. There are plenty of other forums for other discussion subjects, i.e. if you wish to talk about government issues go to another forum that allows such.
  3. In an effort to keep order and avoid inflammatory situations, we ask that all grievances and complaints be sent privately to a forum manager. This is a private forum. However, we also strive to accommodate the members and welcome suggestions. Members creating inflammatory threads that become disruptive to the forum and its members will be subject suspension at management's discretion.
  4. Unless business/industry related (as in journalists & manufacturers/vendors), the posting of member real names or private information is strictly forbidden unless it has already been posted by the member himself. Also it is forbidden for members to post photos that would reveal the identity of ANY member, unless they have the permission of that member. Photos taken at member meets are for the use and distribution of those attending the meet and not meant to be shared publicly without prior consent if they reveal identities. ***

4. In effort to reduce friction between members, political or religious discussions are not allowed. Off topic posts will be removed.

5. Members who establish a pattern of disruptive posting, evidenced to be bashing, or trolling our community will be subject to suspension or termination at the discretion of management.

6. Wherever possible, members should attempt to resolve grievances with other members and/or forum management through private messages.

7. No spamming, cross posting, or links requiring registration in order to enter or display the link. Members may have only ONE member account, but may also have accounts for their dolls which must bear their respective doll names. Please notify an admin if you set up a doll account so that he/she may tag it as such.
* or ** depending on specific case below, *** for commercial spam
  1. Our definition of spam consists of unsolicited commercial offers¹, links to external sites with the goal of generating traffic to commercial websites¹, the use of an affiliate tag in a URL¹, and/or starting multiple threads or multiple posts that have the effect of pushing all other people's posts or threads off of the front page. This includes private messages, avatars¹, signatures¹, posts without any content other than a URL, and those made just to lead members elsewhere.
    ¹: This does not apply to manufacturers/vendors listed at or to posts that announce redesigns or contests of our partner sites. ** or ***
  2. Any links to images or sites requiring registration and/or login (such as Yahoo or eBay) must include a notice that registration and/or login is needed. Other than that, if you create a link to an object such as a photograph, the photograph should display for all members or the link should take you there without requiring registration and/or login or site permissions. *
  3. Posts may not contain URL only links nor be designed to draw traffic to another website. They must add content or further discussion. Any links to other competing forum threads must contain enough content from the thread to give the reader a good feel for what they will be linking to. When linking an offsite gallery, you must also show at least one photo from the gallery in your post that is being linked to or your post will be removed. Links to personal websites and web blogs are allowed if it is relevant to the thread topic or contained in your signature line, but must also conform to the above requirements. *
  4. No links are allowed to websites that are known to be targeting, trolling, or bashing doll owners, members, management, or the forum in general in any sections including chat and in PMs targeted at members.
  5. All cross posts will be removed by the moderators. Definition of cross posting - Starting the same thread or topic in multiple forums at *

8. No uninvited sexually oriented, offensive or repeated harassing in public posts and/or private messages to any forum member. If you are asked to stop contacting a member, you must stop.
** or *** depending on the severity of the offense

9. No use of automated download programs (bots, web harvesters, etc). Such programs affect the performance of our server by making too many concurrent requests. No postings containing viruses or malicious code.

10. Do not post unsupported claims regarding people or products. If you have an opinion make sure you state that it is your opinion AND support that opinion with hard facts or evidence, preferrably by an established authority if it is not based on firsthand experience. Even opinions can be damaging to businesses and subject to lawsuits.
(Note above in Rule 3 that the use of a member's real name is strictly forbidden, even by the owning member. The only exception to this is when the name is business and/or industry related as in manufacturers/vendors and journalists.)
Any negative statements about products and product safety MUST be backed up by hard evidence. i.e. Reporting adverse reactions that a user has had to a product is allowed, however, the user cannot claim the product is unsafe without scientific proof by a recognized authority. General discussions about the specific chemicals and the products that contain them are OK, however, any statement that a particular product is unsafe must be accompanied by corroborating evidence. If you can't print it in the newspaper without fear of being sued, don't post it here. Be sure to let people know when you are giving your opinion.

11. Manufacturers, their affiliates and Vendors are also prohibited from sending unsolicited commercial offers by private messages, unless those said manufacturers, affiliates and vendors are already conducting business with the for said parties.

12. Those wishing to discuss or compare competing doll brands should do so in the Dolls In General forum at and not that of a specific manufacturer/vendor used in the comparison.

The Owner and Management of this site reserve the right to edit, delete or nullify the posts, pictures or memberships of anyone whom they deem unfit, for any reason or reasons. Membership is a privilege, not a right. The Owner always has the final word. Management will remove any posts they deem are against the best interests of the community as a whole. Any members who have been banned from this website are no longer welcome and subsequent enrollment or account setup will be considered as trespassing.

Penalty System
* Warning only
** Possible moderated posting or time-out depending on the number and/or severity of offenses
*** Mandatory forum ban
All penalties are the discretion of Forum Management.

NOTE: Members may be given an opportunity to voluntarily correct their own offending post and avoid penalty.

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